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Written by Maja Možina. Posted in Catproduct Content

Catproduct Content is a plug-in very similar to Catproduct. But there is one very big difference! Catproduct is used on Virtuemart product details page, but Catproduct Content is used to show group of products on usual Joomla Content page!

Catproduct Content:

Lastest Release for VM2: V1.0.12 on 26.8.2014

Lastest Release for VM3: V2.0.0 on 26.11.2014

What is Catproduct Content

Catproduct Contend is stand-alone Joomla content plug-in. But it's also an upgrade to Catproduct basic plug-in. So when Catproduct can only work on Virtuemart product details page, you can insert Catproduct Content inside Joomla content so products table can be shown on any Joomla page and in all components that are supporting plug-ins.

Catproduct Content (and Catproduct) shows a table of products with only one add-to-cart button. So shopper can add many of products to cart from only one page and with only one click!

You can use it to show whole list of your products. Or maybe a list of products that have a discount. If you are describing some product in Joomla content, you can add this product and all related or connected products into Joomla content itself, so customer won't need to visit product shop page but he could add products to cart directly from Joomla Content.

Catproduct Content cannot work with Parent product with Virtuemart Generic child variant custom field, because GCV custom field redirects page to child product page after selecting child! So if you show that kind of product, customer will be redirected to product page after selecting child.

How To use Catproduct Content?

First install it with Joomla extension manager and publish plug-in (Catproduct Content)

After that set up plug-in. Find plug-in in Joomla plug-in page, and open it. You will see several setting:

Next settings are to set up which field to show in a table:

After setting up plug-in, save it.

Then go to Joomla Content where you want to show Catproduct Content plug-in and add to content this command:

{catproduct #ID[1,2,3,4]} where 1,2,3,4 are product_ids.